Life Insurance Plans

The foundation of financial security for you and your family

While life insurance may be a difficult matter to think about, it’s wise to protect your family and finances, and even your business, should you pass away too soon.  Simply put, Life Insurance protects your financial resources against the uncertainties of life so you can enjoy life and plan for the future.

We offer different types of life insurance to help meet a variety of needs.

Pay off final expenses
Payoff mortgage and debts
Pay for your children's education
Save for life's milestones
Build financial wealth
Leave a legacy
Different Types of Life Insurance

This life insurance policy does not build a cash value, but pays a death benefit upon your death. It covers you for a set period of time provided you pay the monthly premium, or in some instances, a lump sum in advance. The policy will pay to the named beneficiary the face amount of the policy (set benefit and/or lump sum) upon death of the insured within the stated term. Depending on the policy, it may also make payments upon terminal or critical illness, or offer a living benefit you can use to receive care and pay for chronic or terminal illness that precedes deathPremiums are typically very affordable depending on age and health status.

This type of life insurance policy helps you save for the future by building a cash value that has many benefits to the insured, such as borrowing against the policy or building a tax deferred investment income, in addition to paying a death benefit. Whole life, variable life and universal life are all types of cash value life insurance. Cash value insurance is also known as permanent life insurance because it provides coverage for the policyholder’s entire life.

Final expense insurance is designed to help protect your loved ones from the financial burden of funeral costs related to your passing. Unlike life insurance, final expense policies have a much lower face value because they are intended to only cover costs related to a person’s final expenses. Therefore, these policies can often be purchased at low or reasonable premiums.

Features Include:

  • Premiums do not increase, ever
  • As long as make you premium payment, policies will remain effective
  • Guaranteed death benefit

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